Who We Are

MTS Consulting Group, Inc. provides a unique blend of customized technology solutions for small businesses and non-profit organizations that remove the complexities found in the “pool of technology” products out there by helping you find the solution that best fits you. Our solutions will allow your company to improve the productivity of your staff members and employees, and subsequently help you improve your long term profitability and corporate success. Our solutions will help free you from the burdens of computer-related headaches that your organization may have experienced.

Don't wait for problems to occur. Let us help you stop network issues before they occur.
By using Cloud Solutions, you can have anytime, anywhere access to important corporate information.
Let the web present the image you want to display to the world.
Let our Consulting Team assist you in finding ways to improve corporate efficiency and productivity, thereby helping you to improve your bottom line.
We are able to assist your organization in obtaining Data and Internet services, that may give you more value for your money
You can save money on your phone bills by taking advantage of newer voice technologies that are available.

Some Of Our Clients

At MTS, we work on behalf of non-profit, religious non-profits, and the small business community to navigate the "pool of technology" products and services that exists in order to find the proper way of implementing a solution to your corporate and organizational challenges. Some clients that we have been able to help in a variety of ways include;

MTS will help you find solutions to your everyday technology challenges so that you can grow your business and improve your bottom line.
MTS helps you sort through the “pool of technology” products to find the right solution to help free you from the IT burdens you are experiencing.
• MTS helps you to find out how the cloud can help you simplify your technology needs.
  • MTS provided us a single point of contact for anything technology related. This truly simplified our processes, especially in the case of an emergency. If we have any issues, we don't have to figure out who to call, we simply call our Account Manager and they handle the rest. This made my life easy and allowed me to focus on what I do best, my business....

    Nona, Tax Consultant
  • MTS was always there when we needed them. No matter what our challenges, they found a solution. They found ways to implement systems for our school and our church that worked together and simplified our operations. They worked within our budget to ensure we had the best technology and were always ahead of the curve. Our Account Manager even helped us with systems they were not responsible for so that we could stay operational.

    Angela, Non-Profit Manager
  • MTS has helped us with many aspects on our church campus, from moving our internet to another part of the building so that we could standardize our network, to helping us upgrade our voice services so that we could free up some of our office staff to work more efficiently on multiple projects. Inside the church and organization, whenever we needed our Account Manager, he was there. He even worked with major corporations to support our Technology Initiative in our church organization. Having MTS on the team has helped us in more ways than I could name...

    Phillip, Pastor
  • MTS helped make our business ideas a reality....from taking a drawing from our CEO's daughter and making it into a 3D corporate logo, to developing our website to be truly reflective of the image of our leadership.

    Daniel, Vice-President, Sports Company
  • There have been many projects I have asked MTS to help me launch for our organization, and they have never let us down. From developing our network infrastructure for a traveling store that needed to always be linked to our headquarters, to finding a way to make our organization's history available to be viewed at any time, from any where, in a secure way. I am very pleased with their commitment to excellence in all that they do, and will continue to use them as much as I can in our various projects.

    Sandra, Chief Marketing Officer